This is the second time around for Lunar Lander here and this time I will not be stupid and let it go.

Tim from Fayetteville, NY was the person nice enough to sell me this and I can't thank him enough.

Enjoy the pics!

dscf1497_small.jpg dscf1505_small.jpg dscf1507_small.jpg dscf1509_small.jpg
dscf1510_small.jpg dscf1511_small.jpg dscf1512_small.jpg dscf1513_small.jpg
dscf1514_small.jpg dscf1515_small.jpg dscf1516_small.jpg dscf1517_small.jpg
dscf1518_small.jpg dscf1519_small.jpg dscf1520_small.jpg dscf1522_small.jpg

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