More neon signs by the famous Hong Kong Gu!!!
His email address is
and his signs are on eBay under

BTW, I *really* like neon. [EOM]

dscf1766_small.jpg dscf1767_small.jpg dscf1768_small.jpg dscf1769_small.jpg
dscf1770_small.jpg dscf1771_small.jpg dscf1772_small.jpg dscf1773_small.jpg
dscf1774_small.jpg dscf1775_small.jpg dscf1776_small.jpg dscf1777_small.jpg
dscf1778_small.jpg dscf1779_small.jpg dscf1780_small.jpg dscf1781_small.jpg
dscf1782_small.jpg dscf1783_small.jpg dscf1786_small.jpg dscf1787_small.jpg
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