The 6th Annual Vidiot for a Day!

Big thanks to everybody who came and a huge thanks to Anthony who not only donated towards all those yummy spiedies but he also brought a BRAND NEW KISS LE pinball to unbox at the party!!! Thanks dude!!! :-)

dscf8825_small.jpg dscf8826_small.jpg dscf8827_small.jpg dscf8828_small.jpg
dscf8830_small.jpg dscf8831_small.jpg dscf8832_small.jpg dscf8833_small.jpg
dscf8834_small.jpg dscf8835_small.jpg dscf8836_small.jpg dscf8838_small.jpg
dscf8840_small.jpg dscf8841_small.jpg dscf8843_small.jpg
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