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My 8yr old son and I drove 3hrs down to Perth Amboy, NJ to pick up this poor Arabian for $50(minus monitor and back door).

Arabian - Front Damage

Notice the cabinet coming apart on the left side and slightly apart on the right. Happily it looked worse that it was except for the cracks on the sides of the cabinet(those are not repairable without ruining the sideart). The previous owner said that some movers were transporting the game and it fell on it's front, thus the "splitting" of the cabinet and the damage to the front-left joystick area.

Arabian - Front Repaired

After stripping the cabinet of anything breakable, I removed the front corner braces and cleaned them up a bit. Then I used three ratcheting straps to pull the cabinet back together before I re-glued the corner braces. For added strength I added a few extra screws and a set of "L" brakets behind the control panel part of the cabinet. I left the straps on overnight so the glue would setup fully.

The only thing left to do now is repair that damage to the joystick area.

The sideart was pretty clean to begin with but it cleaned up even nicer with a Magic Eraser and some elbow grease.

Arabian - Side Art

The game is pretty simple in theory but man is it a stinker to execute. My son and I have played this for hours and so far we are only up to level 6.

Arabian Arabian

UPDATE: 05-06-2009
Made a new rear door for the cabinet yesterday. This game is almost done now... just have to Bondo the damaged area on the left side of the cabinet near the joystick.

(AS OF: 05-04-2009)
  • Cleaned everything
  • Repaired "splitting" cabinet
  • Performed cap-kit and replaced HOT and flyback on monitor chassis
  • Installed Electrohome GO7 monitor
  • Installed cap-kit for original power supply
  • Replaced power cord
  • Made new back door

  • Paint new back door
  • Repair damaged side near joystick panel

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