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Red Baron

Placed a "wanted" ad over on the newsgroup for a Red Baron and luckily Bruce from Maryland replied. He sent pictures of every little thing and described what he had and had not done to the game since he picked it up 7 or 8 years ago. Basically it was a project that got put on hold due to him and his wife having twins.

He offered to deliver the game for a nominal fee so I took him up on it. The night before the delivery he emailed some pictures of how he prepared the game for it's trip and it basically proved what I had thought... he's just plain awesome.

Red Baron - all wrapped up!

The first thing that was tackled was cleaning the outside of the cabinet. The right side art was dirty and the left side art was dirty and had black and white paint on it. Four Magic Erasers and four hours later and it's looking much nicer.

Red Baron - cleaned side art

Next to be cleaned was the control panel. I thought it looked nice before the cleaning but it turned out to be a real gem. The colors are vibrant and while there are a few surface scratches... it basically looks new.

Red Baron - cleaned control panel

I have to say, the front of this game looks awesome after it's cleaning. All that's left to do is replace the rubber mat and then my wife is going to try and color match the Red Baron red so we can touch up the side art.

Red Baron

UPDATE: 02-28-2010
Created this page.
UPDATE: 03-02-2010
Cleaned up the power brick and replaced Big Blue. Rebuilt the A/R II and monitor chassis. Getting closer to first power up.
UPDATE: 03-03-2010
Installed the power brick and A/R II and all the voltages measured good so I decided to press my luck and give it a go... which instantly proved disappointing. I put it in test mode and only a single dot on the center of the screen, no test pattern, no sounds when I pressed any of the buttons, only a scratchy hum from the speaker.

Instantly I went in trouble shooting mode... the dot on the screen was because the monitor's brightness was almost maxed out so the spot killer circuit was being over driven.

Having worked on our Battlezones a lot over the past few months, this Red Baron hasn't been bad since it's very similar in design.

First thing I did was check all the ROMs. Surprisingly they all tested good.

Next I cleaned all the legs on the socketed chips. Then I checked for cold solder joints on the main connectors. Next up was the watch dog circuit which was verified as active(aka "barking").

Then something in the ROM package "ReadMe.txt" file caught my eye... there are 4 things that needed to be done to the 2532 EPROM & socket to make Red Baron work on a Battlezone main PCB, and I only noticed one wire going to the EPROM. Hmmm... could it be? So I dug out the Rom Saver kit I bought from a few weeks ago and wouldn't you know it... BINGO... we now have a test pattern and sounds when you press the buttons!!!

Red Baron

A quick adjustment to the monitor and we are in business!

UPDATE: 03-08-2010
CLICK HERE for a few random pictures of the Red Baron.
(AS OF: 03-03-2010)
  • Spent 4 hours cleaning side art with Magic Eraser
  • Spent 2 hours cleaning "soot" off front of cabinet
  • Spent 1 hour cleaning CPO with Magic Eraser
  • Finished off rebuilding gimbal joystick(Bruce started this 6 years ago)
  • Reassembled control panel
  • Took apart monitor area and cleaned everything
  • Cleaned inside of cabinet
  • Replaced "Big Blue" filtering capacitor
  • Rebuilt A/R II power supply
  • Rebuilt monitor chassis
  • Installed ROM SAVER kit
  • Installed different A/R II since original had audio hum/buzz

  • Replace rubber mat on step
  • Touch up side art

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