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Welcome to

Back in 1994 my girlfriend at the time(aka The Future Wife) was nice enough to go on a hunt to find me an arcade game for Christmas. Lucky for me she found a Donkey Kong 3 in the local classified ads. Shortly after bringing it home we knew we would have to get another one, and from there 10 were not too far behind. So remember honey... this is all your fault!!!

We now consist of a family of four with two great kiddos who like to game at least as much as their Dad. Our high game count was 38 arcade games and 3 pinball machines. Currently we have scaled down to 8 arcade games and 5 pinball machines.

(Most current video as of August 3, 2018.)

Throughout the years we have owned over a hundred different games and have had a blast meeting people from all over the northeast(and one in Kentucky!). We took a 4 or 5 year break from buying games while we raised our kids, but they are now old enough to know THESE GAMES RULE!!!
UPDATE: 02-23-2020
Picked up a full-sized Asteroids yesterday from down near Seaside Heights, NJ. It is in surprisingly good condition and was dirt cheap at $400. Best of all, it works! Will add a game page later this week.

Also still working on the website update. I'm to the point now of just adding content to the current game pages. It will be another couple weeks before everything is all set.
UPDATE: 02-10-2020
Working on the website to bring it up to date. Lots has changed down in the basement. The biggest thing is we sold off over half the video games to make room for a little home theatre. The basement gets way more use now and it even makes playing the games happen more often. I wish we had a full sized basement and then we could have kept all the games but this is a nice balance for the half basement.

There will be some broken links for a week or two as I update the site but things should be back to normal soon.
UPDATE: 09-30-2017
We had our annual party back in August and took a few pictures of the festivities... 2017 Vidiot for a Day

Like I post every year after the party... TONS has changed down in the basement. I have been bitten by the electro-mechanical rifle game bug and it has complete control over my impulse buying! So far I've bought FIVE total and FOUR of those are still in the house(Sniper Gun went to Robot City Games for the public to enjoy!).

What remains are Midway's Dog Fight, Williams Spooks, Midway's Wild Kingdom, and Midway's Haunted House. The only game not working 100% is Wild Kingdom but that should be fixed once a replacement motor gets here.

One of these days I will do a HUGE update to the site. I have tons of pictures and videos that I've taken of all the games passing through... I just haven't had the time and/or desire to do the deed.
UPDATE: 02-05-2017
First update of 2017! Wowsers.

Here are the pictures from last August's party... 2016 Vidiot for a Day

Two new pinballs were unboxed this year... Anthony's Ghostbusters LE and our Metallica Pro. It was a great day that went on well past midnight! Thanks again to everyone that showed up!

As always, things change down in the basement. I'm working on updating the site so there will be some broken links for a bit. Hopefully all the updates will happen over the next week.
UPDATE: 05-23-2016
Installed a high score kit into Crazy Climber this past weekend. The extremely neat thing about this kit is it uploads the scores to a master high score website so you can compare your scores with others! See our scores HERE!

The kit(and other kits) can be gotten at
UPDATE: 05-19-2016
Thanks to Mr. Tim the Vidiot Arcade FINALLY has a Defender!

His annual get together was this past Saturday and after a little prodding he agreed to sell it. THANK YOU TIM! Defender is one game that I've never come across in the wild and I've always wanted. See... dreams DO come true!!!

In order to make room in the basement, Hurricane was retired to off-site storage... I mean was sold to Robot City Games down in Binghamton.

I'm hoping to get the Defender page up today or tomorrow.
UPDATE: 04-30-2016
Reaquired our old Missile Command cabaret!
UPDATE: 03-27-2016
Added the Medieval Madness page. Happy Easter!
UPDATE: 03-20-2016
Added Gravitar, Space Duel, and the Centipede cabaret pages to the website today. Still have to add Medieval Madness.
UPDATE: 03-19-2016
Wow... it's been a year and a half since the last update! Lots of things have changed around here and I'm hoping to get the website up to date over this weekend.

First thing first... pictures for the 2015 Vidiot for a Day!
Vidiot for a Day!
Big thing that happened this year was Anthony bringing his BRAND NEW, STILL BOXED KISS LE PINBALL!!! Thanks again dude!

There are a ton more picture here... 2015 Vidiot for a Day!
UPDATE: 08-04-2014
The 5th annual Vidiot for a Day has come and gone and that makes me sad...
Vidiot for a Day!
But it was the first time I didn't have to cook for hours so I'm not that sad! I hope everyone had a blast because I know I did! HERE are some pictures Michele took throughout the day.
UPDATE: 05-22-2014
Finished the Elvira page and added the WHO Dunnit and Hurricane pages.
UPDATE: 05-21-2014
Ended up trading the Star Wars Episode 1 pinball to Robot City Games in order to get our old Batman Forever back! Casey did a wonderful job on adding LEDs to it and I have to say that this is the only pin I missed after getting rid of it. Very happy to have it back!

I *finally* took a bit of time and added the Creature from the Black Lagoon and Elvira and the Party Monsters pages. I also added back and updated the Batman Forever page. Hopefully I'll finish the Elvira page and then add the Hurricane and WHO Dunnit pages later this week.

UPDATE: 04-19-2014
Finally put together an album of all the Star Wars Episode 1 pinball pictures that have been taken over the past month. It's really neat how you can see the progress that was made. The last pictures were taken after most of the lights were changed to LEDs including the flourescent behind the translite. I still need to add a few game pages to the site here... maybe this weekend? Yeah right!
UPDATE: 03-05-2014
As seen above, I ended up taking a new video of the basement a couple days ago. Now I'm not sure where we are going to be putting the Star Wars Episode 1 pinball that's being picked up tomorrow... DOAH!!!

Also, here are some pictures of Elvira and the Party Monsters, Hurricane, and Creature from the Black Lagoon. The Creature is *not* ours, I took it in to fix and clean and in return we've been able to keep it for the past 5 or 6 months. It's a great game! The other two games have been completely fixed up, cleaned, and have had LEDs selectively added to them... I'll have to take some more current pics of them soon.

Again, hopefully I'll get to update the site with new pages for all the new games soon!
UPDATE: 03-01-2014
Wow, it's been a while since the last update. Things have changed quite a bit down in the arcade. We've added a Williams Hurricane pinball and a Williams Who Dunnit pinball. We sold off the Gottlieb Super Mario Bros pinball, Punch-Out, Gyruss, Track & Field, Mr. Do, and Robotron. Most of the sold games are at Robot City Games right down on Clinton St. in good ol' Binghamton, NY.

Heh... it almost sounds like we gutted the basement but we didn't. There are still plenty of games down there and there is a bunch more open space... which we will be losing a little bit of when we pickup a Star Wars Episode 1 pinball next week.

Hopefully I'll update the site this week with pictures of the new games... hopefully.
UPDATE: 08-08-2013
Had our annual "Vidiot for a Day" get-together last weekend and I hope everyone that showed up had fun! I know my son and his friends(and Roy's twins) were in gamer heaven! It was great seeing the classic consoles being used all day long!

Vidiot for a Day!

HERE are some pictures Michele took throughout the day...

And I figured while we had everyone here I may as well try to thin the heard a little. Lunar Lander, Space Encounters, the Tempest cabaret, and the Gorf cabaret have all left the arcade. In their place we will add *open space* and eventually another pinball machine. We're hoping for a Creature from the Black Lagoon!
UPDATE: 07-15-2013
Took a bunch of pictures of all the neon down in the basement this past weekend. Click HERE to see them.
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