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Missile Command cabaret

This is the first game we picked up from Jason up near Waterloo, NY and it was a bargain.

Missile Command

The cabinet is in nice condition with generic wood grain sides. The control panel is in great condition with a few little paint issues and the track ball rolls nice and smooth. The game was in 100% working condition when we loading it into the bed of my truck... did you catch that... "was in".

Missile Command - Control Panel

Unfortunately I didn't check to make sure the main PCB or ARII were securely attached so in the 2 hours it took to get home they both broke loose and beat the hell out of each other. The ARII doesn't look to have taken any damage but boy did it do a number on the main PCB.

Most of the capacitors were broken off the main board and there was even more damage because the board would no longer boot up even after the capacitors were replaced.

I started to do some basic trouble shooting but things were not working out very well. Seems like there were multiple problems because one minute a bad RAM would be indicated and then the next the board would act completely dead.

Instead of fooling around, pretending I'm a repair tech... I sent it off to bit_slicer over at the KLOV forums.

The board is still being worked on so we have yet to play this game... and boy the kids can't wait!
UPDATE: 07-20-2009
Added this page.
UPDATE: 03-11-2010
Received the PCB back from Craig(aka bit_slicer) a few weeks after sending it to him for repairs. He did a wonderful job and didn't charge much at all. It's great having people like him in the hobby for the hobbies sake... makes these little accidents a lot more bearable.

Jason ended up paying for the repair which was just plain AWESOME of him. I've dealt with him a couple more times since this first transaction and he always seems to get great games!
UPDATE: 04-30-2016
Wow... so this game is back with us! It was sold ~3 or 4 years ago to a local who put it back on route in a local bar. Then after a stint there it was sold to the local arcade, Robot City Games, and put out on the floor for all to play!

Fast forward to this morning and it is once again down in the Vidiot Arcade!

I've been doing some repair work for Mr. Casey, of Robot City Games & Arcade fame, and this was his payment to me! Hell... the guy even delivered it(which had nothing to do with him picking up a Simpsons pinball)!

So glad to have this one back. It's one of those classic games that pulls you back in eventually.
(AS OF: 04-30-2016)
  • Replaced all capacitor on main PCB
  • Had PCB repaired by bit_slicer
  • Replaced defective monitor

  • Create black card board screen bezel

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