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Stern Aerosmith Pro Pinball

Joe Schall is awesome! I went to Penn State early yesterday(08/25/2019) morning to pick up his lightly routed Stern Aerosmith Pro.

Stern Aerosmith Pro Pinball

The condition of the machine was surprisingly great! There is just a hint of wear in a couple places but you have to be really looking for them to notice.

Stern Aerosmith Pro Pinball

He included the topper, Stern HD glass, and a bunch of little add-ons & mods. He also threw in a binder with all the receipts, original paperwork AND a printed copy of the manual. Like I said, Joe is awesome!

Stern Aerosmith Pro Pinball

$4200. That was all he was asking. I happened upon his Pinside ad a minute after he posted. It took me less than another minute to decide I wanted it and type a short response.

He said I was first to respond by less than 30 seconds and that he had a bunch more responses after that one too.

I wasn't looking for an Aerosmith. I was more looking at an Avengers Pro but for $4200-$4400 those were too much IMO. I was also thinking about getting an X-Files back but those are $2500-$3500. Again, too much for what it is.

Cam liked playing Aerosmith a couple years ago at Allentown and for some reason that stuck in my head so I jumped on this one. I have to say, the kid has good taste. I've put about a dozen games on it and I find myself actually happy while playing! (And if you knew how much it takes to make that happen anymore you know what a rare occurrence it is.)

Stern Aerosmith Pro Pinball

What surprises me the most are the artwork and music. The artwork is pretty fantastic IMO. I just don't remember it looking so nice.

Stern Aerosmith Pro Pinball

And the music, I'm not an Aerosmith fan by any stretch but some of the songs I actually like. And all of the songs bring back memories so that's a good thing too.

It's super gratifying to get lucky once in a while and I feel like I was lucky with this machine! Speaking of luck... come to find out the only reason Joe was selling is because he won a Jurassic Park Pro via the Pinball EDU raffle last month! So I guess I should thank them too!

There are a ton more pictures HERE.
UPDATE: 02-10-2020
Added this page.
(AS OF: 02-10-2020)
  • Cleaned and waxed playfield.
  • Replaced rubbers.
  • Added Flipper Fidelity speakers.
  • Added external Polk subwoofer.
  • Added shaker.

  • Install mirror blades.

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