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Crazy Climber

I drove 23-1/2hrs to get this game from the great state of Kentucky. I left my house at 12:30am and returned home at 11:50pm that same day. Over 1,400 miles was driven with only 4 gas stops and about 30 minutes of "pickup" time.

Needless to say we wanted a Crazy Climber pretty bad. This was a project game that was missing the monitor bezel, had multiple wiring issues, and loads of AC/power issues. But, the price was EXTREMELY right at $225!

Crazy Climber - wiring issues

First thing I did when I got home, besides sleep, was put back the power switch, safety interlock switch, and fuse(yep, this was hard wired with no fuse!).

Crazy Climber - new wiring

Next I corrected the wiring issue with the control panel where someone decided to splice wires instead of replace a Molex connector.

Crazy Climber - new Molex

Then it was on to the joystick wiring... it *was* soldered on with loads of broken tabs and bare splices. I ended up replacing the old Wico joysticks with some nice orange handled joysticks from Bob Roberts. Thier mounting holes were within 1/32" of the original joysticks so they were a snap to install. Oh, and we added a reproduction metal control panel overlay from too!

Crazy Climber - new control panel

Once that was done, I replaced the moderately burned in monitor with a NEW monitor I had on the shelf. I bought it a while back without any plans for it and I'm glad I did. I had to build out the Taito monitor rails a bit to get a good fit, but once that was done, it's as steady as steady... er... is steady?

Crazy Climber - new monitor

Finally I focused on cleaning the cabinet. I started on the front and used a Magic Eraser very gently to get the scuff marks off the orange paint. I then cleaned the coin door and it looks great... not perfect, but very nice looking for original.

Crazy Climber - coin door

We still need to find a monitor bezel, clean both sides of the cabinet, and rebuild the "square box" on the bottom of the cabinet since it has deteriorated. But it is more than nice enough to play right now and play is what it gets!

UPDATE: 05-28-2009
Created this page.

UPDATE: 06-17-2009
Replaced the bottom of the cabinet last week since the existing bottom was falling apart. It was a very simple job and I even stripped down and repainted the metal brackets. I'll snap a picture or two sometime soon to post here.
UPDATE: 06-24-2009
Found a decent monitor bezel last week and we are awaiting it's arrival! We are keeping our fingers crossed that it makes it here in one piece!!!
UPDATE: 07-11-2009
Well the monitor bezel has arrived and it's pretty nice(perfect compared to what we had!). The blue paint has let go towards top, but it really is not bad... especially when it is mounted on the game in a dark game room. We took care to stabilize the paint so hopefully there is not going to be any more flaking.

Crazy Climber - new bezel

UPDATE: 07-31-2009
The Crazy Climber is now refurbished and we think it came out very nice.

Crazy Climber - refurbished

No, it's not perfect but it is now complete and back to the shape it was in when it was last in the arcade... thus the "refurbished" designation.
UPDATE: 01-29-2011
Only took 2 years but I finally got the original monitor working and installed back into the game.

UPDATE: 02-04-2012
That original monitor never really looked right in this game. Even though it was fully rebuilt, it never looked crisp and bright. So... I put the "new" monitor back in it and man oh man is it brilliant!

UPDATE: 02-17-2012
Over the past week I decided to work on our original boardset to fix a little graphics corruption as well as two other semi-working boardsets.

To make the repairs go a little easier, I borrowed a test box from a local named John(aka Cmndr Brain@KLOV). The damn thing is so neat I took a little video to show it off...

So I started the week with 3 semi-working boardsets and now I have three 100% working boardsets. While I had everything apart, I decided to install the awesome FREE PLAY modification seen here...

Overall it's been a fun week!
(AS OF: 02-17-2012)
  • Re-wired 120v wiring and added back safety switches & fuse
  • Re-wired control panel Molex
  • Replaced Wico joysticks with microswitch joysticks from Bob Roberts
  • Replaced control panel overlay with repro from
  • Replaced WG4600 monitor with NEW monitor
  • Cleaned cabinet
  • Cleaned coin door
  • Cleaned sides of cabinet with a Magic Eraser
  • Replaced bottom cabinet wood
  • Installed an official Taito Crazy Climber bezel!
  • Replace failing switching power supply
  • Fixed WG4600 monitor and re-installed it
  • Re-installed "new" monitor since the WB4600 didn't look good
  • Repaired three PCB sets
  • Installed FREE PLAY modification

  • ... not sure... I guess just enjoy the game!!!

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