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Bally/Midway Baby Pac-Man
This game was picked up for FREE from a local operator. It was in pretty bad shape and needed lots of help, but after about a month and $75, it works perfectly. Lucky for me the operator had two Babies he was junking. The other one didn't have any PCBs, but that's where I got the replacement solenoids, lights, spare connectors, spare control panel, etc.
Baby Pac-Man reproduction control panel overlay applied.

UPDATE: 8-13-99
Today I finally got around to replacing the battery. In case you don't know, the battery can cause serious damage to your games' PCB. When it get's old, there is a good chance it will slowly start to leak and eventually rot your board.
I started this modification by removing the old battery and replacing it with a battery back-up capacitor. These can be bought or ordered through your local electronics shop. The capacitor I used is a 5.5V, 3Farad battery back-up capacitor. You can also use a 5.5V 1Farad.
The only modification to the board is the drilling of a small hole and the soldering of a jumper wire from the negative leg of the capacitor to the negative pad on the board.
Baby Pac-Man battery backup capacitor

UPDATE: 05-19-2001
Swapped a corrosion free MPU into the game a few months back. Just updating the game pages so I thought I'd include this. I also removed the above BBC from the old board and added it to the new since it works so well. Definitely a worthy upgrade.
UPDATE: 06-03-2001
Getting ready to send the playfield to get re-screened this week. Someone finally got fed up enough to have these done professionally. I'll definitely update this page when I get it back. This ranks right up there with DKjr sideart being repro'd in my book. Thanks again Jaysun for taking on such a time consuming task.
UPDATE: 07-01-2001
I bought a replacement control panel overlay and sideart for the game. I also ordered replacement flippers, rubbers, coils, lights, and a pinball for the Baby. I figure as long as I'm going through with re-screening the playfield I might as well make it as close to new as possible. I'd love to get some NOS drop targets but they seem to be either non-existant or very expensive($10 a target?).
UPDATE: 02-22-2004
Has it really been 2 1/2 years? Ok, so I finally got around to re-assembling the playfield. It took me a couple nights but I did it. My 3 1/2yr old son has a new favorite game and my wife is wondering why I waited so long to do it. What can I say... being a father of two now I just don't have that free time that I used to have.
Fixed List:
  • converted MPU to run with Baby Pac-Man
  • new ROMs for MPU
  • fixed just about ALL connectors
  • recapped monitor
  • changed at least 90% of the light bulbs
  • changed two solenoids
  • rewired part of playfield
  • new (better condition) marquee
  • new coin door
  • new control panel overlay (an Appolo repro)
  • replace battery with battery back-up capacitor
  • swapped MPU with a corrosion free one
  • sent out playfield to be re-screened (thanks again Jaysun!)
  • re-assembled playfield and game(took 2 1/2yrs to get around to)
Things to do:
  • apply new repro'd side art (on one side only)
  • apply new repro'd control panel overlay (better quality repro)

Midway's Baby Pac-Man - sideart

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