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Exidy Circus

Circus is the oldest game in my collection, and boy does it show. This game has been full of surprises since the get go. First, there were no keys so I had to drill the locks. Then after removing the rear door I had to clean 20 pounds of garbage, seems the previous owner thought this was a trash can.

These two things were nothing compared to what I found next, seems the monitor in this game is basically your isolation transformer, power supply, and audio amplifier.

Very strange monitor?

As you can see, it is in very poor condition... Is there supposed to be a flyback on the right hand side of the chassis? Your guess is as good as mine.


Probably as you have expected, the side art is also in some need of help. I'm going to make stencils of the pattern and then peel the paper sticker off, fill in any imperfections in the wood, paint the cabinet white, and finally apply the stencil. (It should be done by 2001) :o)

Exidy Circus

UPDATE: 11-08-1999
I've been told that indeed the flyback looks to only be half there.

Any body have a spare for sale?

Thanks go to James Sweet for the information. Especially pointing out that this is a B&W game. Playing it on MAME you don't know if it's color or just a color overlay. :o)
UPDATE: 01-05-2000
I obtained a couple spare chassis from Scott Stilphen a couple weeks ago. I still have yet to try them, but I'll make sure to update this games progress here. Hopefully including a picture of it working!
UPDATE: 05-28-2000
Well, I swapped the flyback out of one of Scott's chassis to no avail. I feel pretty good about repairing color rastar monitors, but this b&w guy makes me feel very green. I just don't know where to start.

If anyone can give some advice OR if you have a spare working chassis for sale, please email me.
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