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Circus Charlie

Picked up yet another fully working game from Jason(chas010) back on May 20, 2010.

Circus Charle - right side

I saw this game a while ago but didn't have room. Then the family saw it at the Rochester Gameroom Show and my son just loved it(but I still didn't get it). Then weeks later I saw Jason list it for sale again on the KLOV forums and I just couldn't take it anymore!

Circus Charlie

The artwork and overall theme of the game is just so Circussy.

Circus Charlie - control panel

As you can see, the game is in ok shape but the kick panel needs to be repainted and the sideart is complete, but faded(which is common on Circus Charlie).

Circus Charlie - coin door

Now I just have to somehow re-arrange the basement so I can fit this next to Gyruss and Track and Field.

Circus Charlie - screen shot

UPDATE: 07-01-2010
Created this page.
UPDATE: 07-31-2010
Ended up working on this game last week. Started by stripping down the front panel and removing it from the cabinet.
Circus Charlie - no front
Next I peeled off the FBI warning sticker to reveal what the true Circus Charlie blue looks like.
Circus Charlie - no front
Then I traced the stars onto some thin paper and transferred them over to some thicker stock paper.
Circus Charlie - no front
After getting the paint matched and mixed, I roughed up the panel to get it ready to hold the paint.
Circus Charlie - no front

Circus Charlie - no front
Now it's time to use that stencil.
Circus Charlie - no front
Only thing left is to paint the black and re-install it!
UPDATE: 01-11-2011
Finally took a picture of the finished front panel...
Circus Charlie - finished

(AS OF: 07-31-2010)
  • Cleaned
  • Repainted front panel

  • Repaint blue around monitor
  • Find and install new side art

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