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Donkey Kong 3

Here is our second Donkey Kong 3. We picked this one up from Steve Warner up near Albany, NY. I saw it on eBay and asked what other games he had and we made a deal for it and a Mr. Do.

This game is going to stay a DK3 while our other one, a red cabinet DK3, is going to be converted back to a Donkey Kong with a DKII kit. There's just something about the red cabinet and the DK artwork that looks very nice to us.

Donkey Kong 3 - front

Once I got this home I spent 5 or 6 hours over a weekend cleaning it up and rebuilding the bottom of the cabinet. It looks like someone put another sticker over the sideart and left a bunch of residue when removed. Lots of elbow grease and orange clean wipes to get it looking as good as possible.

Donkey Kong 3 - control panel

(AS OF: 04-10-2009)
  • Cleaned side art and scuff marks off sides
  • Made new cabinet bottom and removed silly leg levelers
  • Painted cabinet bottom and inside sides black
  • Installed new T-molding

  • Refurbish coin door and mechanisms

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