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Nintendo Donkey Kong Jr. (w/ Double Donkey Kong kit)
When I picked up the above game, it was an absolutely horrible game called Vs. Boxing. To my pleasant surprise, the cabinet originally housed a Donkey Kong Jr. so I felt compelled to return it to it's former glory(ok you got me, it was basically because I already had the PCB, marquee, bezel, and control panel). For anybody who has ever done a Nintendo conversion you know how easy it is to switch games.

And now for the best part, I picked this one up for FREE.
Donkey Kong Jr. - refurbished coin door
(refurbished coin door and totally rebuilt underside)

Here is a video of some strategies you can use on levels 4 and up. I wasn't having the best day and had a couple close calls but you get the idea of what you need to do to get by. Enjoy!

UPDATE: 09-04-2000
I installed a kit that saves your high score. The "kit" is really just a PCB that plugs into the Z80 socket so there's really nothing to it. If this kind of thing interests you, you can order one for yourself at Braze Technologies. Scott is a very nice guy and would be happy to help you out.
UPDATE: 11-22-2000
It's a very exciting day in DKjr history. Finally... After years of waiting, someone has reproduced the original DKjr sideart. The place, Arcade Renovations. I just sent out my money order today for the set and from what I've heard about AR's past work, they are sure to awesome! I'll be sure to update the page when I receive them, I've been waiting a long, long time for this so needless to say, I'm psyched!!!
UPDATE: 06-03-2001
Just updating the game pages a little. Since the last update I had the PCB modified by Scott Brasington to also play Donkey Kong. He does some very nice work but due to an expanding family he has stopped this modification(still sells his High Score Save kits though).

I also haven't applied the repro sideart yet. I'm kind of waiting to get a better condition cabinet before I do. AND I actually have TWO sets of sideart now because I won a raffle over at Arcade Renovations.
UPDATE: 04-25-2002
FINALLY applied the sideart and all I can say is WOW!!! Phillippe over at Arcade Renovations does one hell of a fine job with his reproductions. Thanks Phillippe!
UPDATE: 01-22-2010
Talk about a long time in between updates? A few months ago we sold off the Double Donkey Kong PCB and put in a standard Donkey Kong Jr. PCB. Reason being we already have a dedicated Donkey Kong machine so the DDK really wasn't needed. It's also looking like a cap-kit is in Juniors future since the screen has started to tear. I still can't beleive this thing was FREE all those years ago!
Here's the fix list:
-new power cord installed
-flipped monitor to vertical
-converted to Donkey Kong, Jr
-replaced T-molding
-removed generic Nintendo sideart
-applied repro instruction sticker above control panel
-total rebuild of cabinet underside with new wood and wheels
-sanded and repainted coin door and coin slots
-installed "newer" Nintendo monitor (better picture)
-installed High Score kit
-sent PCB off to get Double Donkey Konged
-installed DDK PCB and tested for a few hours   
-ordered reproduction sideart
-applied sideart
-installed Donkey Kong Jr. PCB

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