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The Ultimate in Galaga!

This game was brought to me to see if I could give it a once over and fix it for little cash. After going through it and swapping in and out a LOT of different parts, I came to the conclusion that it was junk. The monitor, board, power supply, power cord, and lighting were all either bad or in need of a lot of TLC.

After breaking the news to this person, he basically told me to keep it and do whatever with it. Slowly over the next couple months I bought a board, swapped one of my spare monitors into it, bought a switching power supply from Bob Roberts, and finally stopped at Home Depot for a new ballast and bulb.

Galaga - Front

It took a decent amount of work, but getting the complete cabinet for free helped a bunch.

Galaga - Lower Front

I have a replacement control panel overlay to put on still since the current one is a bit dingy(even with me scrubbing it for hours). I also have to touch up the paint around the edges of the cabinet. It looks like this machine received a lot of play in it's day.

Galaga - Side Art

UPDATE: 03-22-2009
Finaly applied the new control panel overlay I bought 5 or 6 years ago.

Galaga - NEW control panel overlay!

UPDATE: 04-01-2009
Installed a Cap-Kit on the Wells-Gardener K7601 monitor this past weekend. That took care of the tearing and tiny bit of shake the monitor has developed over the years. I also forgot to note here a few years ago when I installed a High Score Save Kit from so I thought I'd mention it now.

(AS OF: 04-01-2009)
  • Cleaned cabinet and artwork
  • Replaced frayed power cord
  • Swapped in a working Wells-Gardner K7601 monitor
  • Swapped in a working PCB
  • Installed switching power supply & adapter bought from Bob Roberts
  • Changed out all light bulbs, ballast, and starter
  • Installed High Score Save kit from
  • Replaced original control panel overlay with repro bough from
  • Installed cap-kit on Wells-Gardner K7601 monitor

  • Refurbish coin door
  • Touch up cabinet paint

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