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My first project for late summer of '98 was this Gorf. Believe it or not, it was just sitting on someone's front lawn. I was working about an hour away from home at the time so I knew I had to strike while I could. Much to my surprise, and delight, the person there didn't really want the game since it didn't work. The response to my usual "How much?" question... "Well, is $5.00 too much?". (Yes, the urine almost starting running down my leg). Needless to say, Gorf was mine!!!

UPDATE: 08-24-2005
I stole the monitor out of this game a few years ago for another game. I almost sold the cabinet 2 or 3 times but the wifey talked me into keeping it. I'm glad she did because I finally got around to fixing it and I have to say that I really like this game.

The monitor that I originally tried to use this time around was nothing but trouble. Come to find out the tube is just plain shot... which threw me for a loop since I've never actually had a bad tube. I ended up swapping another tube I had laying around into the bad tubes mounting and then I did a cap-kit, flyback replacement, and reflowed most of the solder points on the chassis. This G07 is performing great and the tube has a great picture to boot.
Here's the fix list:
  • fuses missing, replaced with correct values.
  • fuse holder corroded, replaced. (it dropped almost 4 volts)
  • connectors all needed to be cleaned.
  • power supply needed a little adjustment.
  • monitor needed HOT replaced.
  • monitor needed flyback replaced.
  • needed all light-bulbs replaced with correct values.
  • replaced joystick insert.
  • replaced joystick lights.
  • installed replacement monitor. (since I stole the existing one for another game)
  • installed capacitor kit to monitor.
  • replace tube in monitor.
  • installed new flyback. (a little preventative maintenance here)

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