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This is the second Joust we have had through the years and this time it's definitely a keeper.

We obtained this game by trading our Sinistar with a local named Casey. The bonus is he runs a video game shop and Sinistar is there for whenever the mood hits.

The game is in good shape and works great.

A little while after getting the game here, I made a monitor for it from an old TV tube and a universal monitor chassis. The picture is absolutely perfect!

The last thing to do was fix the original power supply and now the game is done. Hopefully it get lots of play over the years.

Here are some more pictures of Joust-the 2nd.
And here's the story from the Joust we bought back in 1999...

The story behind this one is great. I've been in contact with one of our local vendors for a little while now and have been working on helping him clear out his old games. He mentioned that this recreation center was selling a non-working Joust for $100. I drove directly over to find exactly that, a non-working Joust. I offered the guy $100 but he felt guilty because of it not working, all he'd take was $50. I even tried the "I only have $20's, if you don't have a $10, don't worry about it" and that didn't work.

I got a buddies truck and the game was at my house about 2 hours after I found out it was for sale. I opened up the game, made sure all the harnesses were making good contact, and bam! It worked!!! Well, for the most part, there still is some crappy connections that make the game freak a little, but I ordered replacements from Bob Roberts so it'll be good as new.

UPDATE: 08-22-1999
Finally found the problem that was causing RAM errors and distorted screen. The +5V of the power supply was not able to supply enough voltage. Without load and with most of the boards connected, +5V was supplied, but when every board was connected, it'd drop to +3.8V. Installed a cap-kit provided by Bob Roberts and also installed his William's power supply connector repair kit. Believe it or not, these fixes led to a brighter screen, kinda weird.
UPDATE: 11-19-1999
Got my new high score today... 713,500!!!
For some reason, the Shadow Lord's are starting to finally get a little easier. That, and I found a strategy that works pretty darn good. It basically involves staying on the bottom level and slowly picking them off. But if I die on a board, then I found it easiest to try to stay all the way at the top of the screen. I'll get some pictures here soon.
UPDATE: 01-03-2000
Finally order my replacement overlay from Steven Gregory. He's got some really nice replacement parts, some new, some old, some NOS. I'll update the page with pictures after I apply it... I can't wait. :o)
UPDATE: 07-31-2009
We sold this game 5 or 6 years ago and now the wifey and kiddos would like to have one again... if you have a cheap one for sale near the Binghamton, NY area, shoot me an email. Thanks.
UPDATE: 05-09-2011
Ended up trading our Sinistar for a Joust with a local video game nut named Casey. He owns a classic video game shop down in Binghamton and basically strong-armed me into the trade since he knew how much I liked Joust.

I'll update this page with picture of our 2nd Joust soon...
UPDATE: 04-12-2012
Replaced the monitor with a TV tube/universal chassis combination a month or two ago and it looks great. I also repaired the original power supply a couple weekends ago since the switcher that was in there started acting flakey which lead to a loss of high scores. And in case you didn't notice, the first half of this page is now dedicated to Joust - the 2nd.
(AS OF: 04-12-2012)
  • Joust#1: Replaced multiple connectors.
  • Joust#1: Modified board to accept a button battery. (Bob Roberts)
  • Joust#1: Replaced all RAMs.
  • Joust#1: Adjusted power supply for correct +5V.
  • Joust#1: Installed *NEW* monitor that didn't work with Franken-Pac.
  • Joust#1: Installed cap-kit to power supply.
  • Joust#1: Replaced connectors associated with power supply.
  • Joust#1: Ordered replacement overlay from Steven Gregory.
  • Joust#2: Replaced monitor with "newly created" one.
  • Joust#2: Repaired linear power supply.

  • Joust#2: Convert 4016 RAM to 4164 RAM.

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