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Awesome game! We ended up finding this one 6hrs away in Cleveland, OH. My 8yr old son and I left the house at 2am on a Saturday and got back around 4pm that same evening... needless to say we were both a little tired.

Mappy - sideart

We have already replaced the marquee and control panel overlay with reproduction artwork from They do VERY high quality work and I would recommend them 100x over.

Mappy - Control Panel

There is a considerable amount of water damage to the bottom of the cabinet... mostly on the front panel. We are going to repair it this Spring/Summer and then apply some new "coin box" artwork to finish the game.

The entire family loves the Mappy gameplay so I can see this one being a keeper.

Here are a bunch of pictures after our 14hr excursion to grab our Mappy... ENJOY!!!
The Mappy Adventure!
The Mappy Adventure!

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