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Mario Bros.

We picked this up off of Craigslist for $100 last month as a Vs. Dr. Mario. Originally we wanted to convert it to a dedicated Donkey Kong II and we actually ordered the DKII kit... but it hasn't come in yet. For some reason these kits seem to be sold, appearing to be in stock and ready to go, and then nothing for months.

So not wanting to sit here and stare at a half empty, sad Nintendo cabinet... I jumped on a Mario Bros. kit over at the KLOV forums. It came in within a week(hint, hint, wink, wink... when you sell something... you should send it out or at least give an ETA to the buyer).

Mario Bros. Mario Bros.

It's really not in too bad of shape. The sides are pretty nice, but the front has a few spots where it's been "picked" down to bare wood. We are going to fill those in and paint the front black and instead of having orange sides, we actually like the blue. I taped the side art on the cabinet and the family voted to keep it blue.

Mario Bros.

The control panel overlay is in rough shape and it's nearly impossible to get a replacement. The ONLY place I found them was so we placed our order.

Mario Bros.

The Vs. Dr. Mario PCB and marquee were sold for $100 so basically we got everything else for free. The monitor had problems and only displayed green and sometimes red so it got a cap-kit and new neck board transistors. The wiring harness was originally for the .Vs system, but my 7 year old daughter and I re-soldered and re-terminated everything so it's pretty close to a stock Nintendo harness now.

The Mario Bros. Plexiglas was very dirty and stained when we received it. A bunch of elbow grease and Novus#2 and it's starting to look better... it just needs a couple more hours of rubbing...
UPDATE: 02-15-2010
Worked the bezel with some Novus#2 again today. If you look up a couple pictures, and then at the following picture you can see how it's slowly polishing the Plexi.

Mario Bros.

I also added the t-molding so the kiddos and wifey wouldn't get splinters... that and it looks way better.
UPDATE: 02-19-2010
Replaced the control panel overlay today.

Mario Bros.

This is the first product we've gotten from and we couldn't be happier. Great product.
(AS OF: 02-19-2010)
  • Stripped out all things Vs. Dr. Mario
  • Cleaned cabinet inside and out
  • Re-wired harness for Mario Bros. PCB and control panel
  • Cap-kit for monitor
  • Checked monitor chassis transistors and installed new NTE198 neck transistors
  • Polished all Mario Bros. Plexiglas
  • Added some new white t-molding
  • Installed new control panel overlay

  • Refurbish coin door and mechanisms
  • Paint front of cabinet black
  • Polish Plexiglas more
  • Install EXPENSIVE side art

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