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Picked up a Millipede game from Empire Arcade down in Edwardsville, PA today. I was bidding on eBay for this game and lost... a week later I heard back from the seller that the winning bidder backed out and I could have it if I wanted.

Millipede - Side Art

Started to clean the sideart with some Orange Glow type cleaner and lots of elbow grease. This game was in a place where there was a ton of cigarette smoking because it is just caked with tar.

Other than that though, it really is in nice condition with only a few scratches on the sideart.

Millipede - Control Panel

The control panel and marquee are in ok condition, I'll probably install a new reproduction overlays eventually.

Millipede - Marquee

UPDATE: 04-08-2009
Created this page and ordered a Cap-Kit and new "Big Blue" for the power supply.

(AS OF: 04-08-2009)
  • Nothing... yet...

  • Install power supply Cap-Kit and new "Big Blue"
  • Replace control panel overlay
  • Replace marquee overlay

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