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Moon Patrol

My 10 year old son and I drove up to Fayetteville, NY to see Mr. Tim and pick up a Mr. Do! While we were there, we visited the infamous Bowling Ally Basement! When Tim saw me stop and look at this Moon Patrol he joked about giving me a "great deal" on it if I wanted to take it with the Mr. Do! Well duh Tim... I thought you were a little more intelligent that this... do you know me at all? Do you not realize I am a fellow hoarder? A hoarder who could *NEVER* pass up a "great deal"? Come on man... I mean... COME ON!!!

Moon Patrol - lower front.

The cabinet must have been under a leaky roof because the back half of the top was swelled up. Lucklily the moisture didn't hit the front since the top is sloped towards the back of the cabinet. The top back door was swelled and ruined, the bottom back door was only partially swelled and not terrible... but it'll still get replaced.

Moon Patrol - side art.

The sideart is about a 6/10 on the left side and 5/10 on the right. The biggest problem with the sides is the bottom 3 to 4 inches are delaminated and water damaged. Once the warmer weather gets here, I plan to cut the bottom 4 inches off and put new wood there. I'm torn about repainting the whole cabinet but I may do it since this is Michele's all-time favorite game... and on that note...

Yes, she's a keeper!

The control panel overlay has some burn marks and a few missing pieces so it'll eventually be replaced, but as you can tell from the above video she really doesn't care.

Moon Patrol - control panel.

The scrolling background PCB had problems but Joe from Cicero, NY had a spare PCB set for $60. After installing that, I added the free play with single high score save modification from The high score part isn't working yet, but the free play part is and it is getting put through it's paces by the entire family. Moon Patrol is defintely going to be a keeper here!

Moon Patrol

BTW, the "great deal" was... $50.00!
UPDATE: 02-16-2011
Created this page.
UPDATE: 02-18-2011
Received some 1220AD NVRAMs from eBay yesterday and the high score is now being saved. I know there is the full kit out there with the top 5 scores being saved, but this is way good enough for me. You figure ~$5.00 for the NVRAM and only your time to reburn the EPROMs... can you say CHEAP!?!? I know I can!

I also started to fix the original PCB set. Three out of four boards are good with only the scrolling video board having issues. One issue that was taken care of yesterday was a defective RAM. The video is now cleared up but there are blocks of it that are off so the troubleshooting will continue... someday...
UPDATE: 03-04-2011
Replaced the crackling marquee with a much better condition one. Also had to replace the tube behind it since it was not lighting consistantly.

BTW, Michele has a higher score than I do!!! She really kicks butt at this game(and she's cuter than cute while playing!!!).
UPDATE: 07-24-2011
Did a cap-kit on the WG4900 monitor tonight... what a beautiful picture now.
UPDATE: 03-22-2012
Replaced the cruddy control panel overlay this week...

New Moon Patrol CPO

Also swapped out the non-matching jump buttons with a couple of blue buttons I've had here... I know blue isn't the original color for them but I kinda like the way they look so they're staying... for now.
UPDATE: 07-10-2012
Ended up installing a new monitor in Moon Patrol last weekend. It's a monitor that I made out of a 100% burn free tube(thanks to an old TV) and a Wei-Ya chassis. The picture is absolutely beautiful!

I also FINALLY wired up the coin door lights. Speaking of the coin door... about 3 or 4 weeks ago I replaced the coin door with a better condition one since the original had a hole drilled in it for a credit button.
(AS OF: 07-10-2012)
  • Cleaned cabinet inside and out
  • Cleaned control panel
  • Straightened bottom of coin door
  • Added door locks
  • Replaced PCB set
  • Added free play and high score save
  • Adjusted monitor
  • Replaced "crackled" marquee
  • Installed cap-kit for monitor
  • Replaced control panel overlay
  • Replaced a couple CP buttons
  • Replaced coin door
  • Installed new monitor made from TV tube/Wei-Ya chassis

To be done:
  • Fix water damage on bottom of cabinet
  • Possibly repaint entire cabinet
  • Cut and install new back doors
  • Fix original PCB set

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