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Mr. Do 2

Story for Mr. Do! #1...

My 6yr old daughter and I drove 2 1/2hrs up north past Albany, NY to pick up a Donkey Kong 3 and this Mr. Do! Luckily it was only $100 since there is a whole bunch of work to do on it. It wasn't working when we picked it up but after a couple hours of troubleshooting it "mostly" is now.

Mr. Do!

While it is a Universal cabinet, it is not the typical white Universal Mr. Do! cabinet. Originally it only had the marquee but we have been hunting down all the other artwork slowly but surely.

Mr. Do! - sideart

I have a replacement Universal Mr. Do! control panel coming in the mail and then the only thing left to do will be to get another backglass since this one arrived broken.
UPDATE: 03-27-2009
Created this page.
UPDATE: 02-14-2011
Story for Mr. Do! #2

Picked up another Mr. Do! last weekend from Tim in Fayetteville, NY. This time it's a dedicated Universal Mr. Do! and boy oh boy the price was right at $100.

It was in unknown functioning condition and was pretty darn dirty when I got it home. The monitor was shot, the audio amplifier was cut out, the wiring harness was cut/hacked/soldered/taped/twisted, and there was a tiny bit of water damage on one side. Amazingly the cabinet cleaned up very nicely with just some soap and water.

Mr. Do 2

The monitor had a non-functioning off-brand Kortek-like chassis and a replacement TV tube. The monitor frame was bent to all crap and it really wasn't worth saving. I ended up putting a vertical mount WG4600 in it and the picture is beautiful. Thanks go to Joe from Cicero, NY for the W4600!

Mr. Do 2

The coin door is a little pushed in, but it looks like someone did a nice job repainting it so I doubt I'll do anything more.

Mr. Do 2

The sides are in pretty good shape overall. The left side has a few gashes that are down to wood but the right side is nice... and actually after I look at the picture here... it's very nice!

Mr. Do 2

I spent some time fixing up all the wiring and ended up having to put our original PCB in since this one had some "creative" wiring soldered to it. I also put a new light behind the backglass and a couple new compact flourescent bulbs behind the marquee. Oh yeah, I also put our other marquee in this one since the colors were nicer.

Overall this Mr. Do! is in good condition... borderline very good condition. If you've never seen a dedicated Mr. Do! all lit up then you don't know what you're missing. The artwork and lighting are fantastic!

Mr. Do 2

UPDATE: 02-18-2011
Installed the high score save modification found on JROK's site HERE. I have to say that it's great having people like him involved in the hobby. Creating these mods can not be easy and to share them openly with everyone is awesome. Thanks again!
UPDATE: 06-22-2012
Replaced the Australian joystick with a standard Wico that I recently rebuilt. Plays much nicer now.
(AS OF: 06-22-2012)
  • Repaired daughter cards on WG-4600 monitor
  • Installed Cap-Kit on WG-4600 monitor
  • Replaced marquee and marquee lights
  • Installed Mr. Do back glass(need new one since this arrived cracked) and monitor bezel
  • Installed generic Mr. Do side art
  • Bought correct cabinet
  • Replaced monitor in new cabinet
  • Re-wired new cabinet
  • Cleaned new cabinet
  • Replaced PCB in new cabinet
  • Installed new lighting in new cabinet
  • Installed JROK mod. for high score save
  • Installed rebuilt Wico joystick

To be done:
  • Finally just enjoy!!!

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