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Pleiades 8-20-99 (with Phoenix board installed)
This one I bought from Art for $89. I saved shipping cost by driving 3 1/2 hours to pick it up. If you ever see a black Suzuki Samurai going up or down I81 or Rt17 in upstate NY halling a video game, wave. :o)
I also have a Phoenix PCB that swaps in nicely. The PCB and a marquee were picked up through RGVAC for $40 delivered. The PCB was sold as-is and only needed a little resoldering done to it's volume pot.
Here's the fix list:
-replaced front panel that holds coin door
-replaced volume pot on Phoenix PCB
-rebuilt underside of cabinet and installed new legs
-repainted front of cabinet all black.

Things to do:
-buy new T-molding

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