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Picked up this game from a co-worker in trade for a 17" Sony LCD and 2Gb of DDR memory... can you say "SHWING!!!". Thanks again Eric!
UPDATE: 06-15-2009
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UPDATE: 06-16-2009
Before putting this game back together, I ended up doing a few "little" things to it. I sanded and painted the front panel where the speakers are since it was scraped up pretty good. Then I sanded and painted the bottom support wood since it was ugly. Then I sanded and painted the black areas next to the monitor bezel and control panel. Then I touched up the paint on the sides of the game... I have to say overall the sides were in good condition, there were just a few scrapes that went down to wood. Those have all been painted and I took care to only paint the bare wood so it blends very well. After doing that, I installed some reproduction side art. Then some brand new t-molding.

See... just a few "little" things.

Punch-Out!! Control Panel

Punch-Out!! Side Art

Punch-Out!! Monitors

(AS OF: 06-16-2009)
  • Cleaned everything with Windex and Magic Erasers
  • Painted front panel where speakers are located
  • Painted bottom cabinet support black
  • Painted inside "sides" where bezel and control panel are
  • Installed reproduction sideart
  • Installed new t-molding
  • Adjusted lower monitor(green gun may be acting up)

  • Install cap-kit on both monitors
  • Strip and repaint coin doors
  • Find better condition Plexiglas monitor bezel

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