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Bally's Revenge from Mars Pinball

Here's a shocker... instead of me having to leave at 4am and then drive for 6 hours to pick up a game... this awesome Revenge from Mars was picked up... LOCALLY! (Thanks goes to Casey Wales for helping out!)

Bally's Revenge from Mars

Overall the game is in really decent condition considering it's age, and the price was definitely right.

Bally's Revenge from Mars

The previous owner bought it from a retailer who installed an LCD monitor.

Bally's Revenge from Mars

The retailer also installed a full LED package and it looks great!

Bally's Revenge from Mars

Michele approves!

Bally's Revenge from Mars

The sides of the machine were touched up a bit and clear coated. I wish it was done a little nicer but overall it's fine. I'm not picky and the family really doesn't care about us having works of art here... they all just want to play these games and this one doesn't disappoint!

There are more pictures HERE!
(AS OF: 07-05-2013)
  • Cleaned playfield with Novus#2
  • Waxed playfield with Carnuba Wax
  • Cleaned various plastics with Novus#2

To be done:
  • Install better LCD monitor and monitor bezel

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