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Picked this up from John(aka Kawydud@KLOV) in Strykersville, NY a few weeks back.

Robotron - right side

I posted on KLOV that I was looking for a Robotron project and John stepped up and offered a project Robotron he just didn't have time for. It was semi-working... dirty... but most important of all... COMPLETE!

Robotron - left side

As you can see from the above two pictures, the sides cleaned up pretty well with some soapy water and Magic Erasers.

For the control panel, I decided there was just too much cigarette burning and ordered a replacement from

Robotron - New Control Panel Overlay

As far as the semi-working part of this game... one game EPROM was bad, there were a few cold solder joints, some of the power connectors were burned, and the leg levelers were all messed up(yeah... I know... this didn't make it "not work" but it was something that needed to be fixed so I listed it).

After getting it working, I did cap-kits on the sound board and power supply board. I also replaced a bunch of pins and connectors since they were pretty corroded. Then I decided to convert the memory over to 4164 RAM since they run cooler and draw less power. And finally I replaced the AA battery holder with a lithium button battery holder. The only thing left to do now is cap the WG4900 monitor.

Robotron - screen shot

UPDATE: 03-30-2012
Created this page.
UPDATE: 04-11-2012
Ended up buy a couple NOS joystick grommets last week off eBay and boy they sure do make a difference.

Then yesterday I replaced the capacitors in the Wells-Gardner 4900 monitor and the wifey helped me dial in the colors... since I'm about as color-blind as it gets.

Basically the game has been fully gone over now and hopefully it will last for years to come... as long as I don't run it over with my truck that is. Damn this is a frustrating game!!!
UPDATE: 05-10-2012
Ended up giving the power supply a complete rebuild. I replaced BR1 with a beefier bridge rectifier and I also replaced the 18,000uF capacitor with a brand new one from 565-2859-ND).

Robotron - Power Supply

UPDATE: 06-22-2012
I replaced the "kinda" beat joysticks with a set of newly reproduced joysticks a few weeks back. Boy this game is really looking good now... and on that note...

Robotron Topper

This custom neon sign was made by one Mr. Gu and can be purchased over at Tell them Jeff sent you.

There are some more pictures of the neon sign HERE...
(AS OF: 06-22-2012)
  • Cleaned everything
  • Repaired bottom of cabinet & added back leg levelers
  • Replaced one defective EPROM
  • Replaced capacitors on sound board
  • Replaced capacitors on power supply
  • Fixed cold solder joints and connectors on all boards
  • Replaced defective AA battery holder with a button battery
  • Replaced CPO (Thanks!
  • Installed correct fuses
  • Replaced lights under start buttons and on coin door
  • Patched ROMs to eliminate "corner shot bug"
  • Replaced capacitors in WG4900 monitor
  • Replaced joystick grommets with NOS grommets
  • Replaced BR1 and the 18,000uF capacitor
  • Installed brand new reproduction 4" joysticks
  • Installed custom neon topper

  • Fix water damage on bottom-left of cabinet

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