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Root Beer Tapper

This game was delivered by NuckinFuts(of KLOV fame) on "Vidiot for a Day" back in August of 2010. Thanks NF!!!

Root Beer Tapper

My son fell in love with the artwork at Videotopia last year up in Rochester at the Strong Museum, and I have to say... I think he has great taste!

Root Beer Tapper - front

As you can see, it came without a monitor but otherwise it was complete. The picture above shows the game with a replacement marquee since the original one suffered from getting a little moisture on it and then being warmed in the sun.

Root Beer Tapper - sadness

The monitor bezel also suffered from this sad, sad condition. We actually watched the paint peel once the game was in my cooler house... it was horrible, absolutely horrible.

Root Beer Tapper - sadness II

The good news was the PCB set worked except the sound, and everything else was in good condition. As you can see from the pictures, the cabinet faded some, but overall you still get the very "FUN" feel of the game.

Root Beer Tapper - side

There are more pictures HERE.
UPDATE: 01-11-2011
Created this page.
UPDATE: 01-26-2011
Found a much better condition monitor bezel at last week and it arrived safely yesterday. I plan to install it today and finally start to work on the lack of sound issue. I can not wait to hear this game again!

Here's the new bezel...
Root Beer Tapper - new bezel

UPDATE: 01-29-2011
Finally got the original Crazy Climber monitor working and installed back into that game. So I took the new VisionPro monitor that was in it and put it into Root Beer Tapper. Damn it looks beautiful!

I also took a stab at the "sound interface failure" and came up golden! All I had to do to get the sound working was replace the Z80A and boy it's made the game even more enjoyable.
UPDATE: 02-04-2012
The VisionPro monitor has always had a sync issue with this game(common with MCR games I guess) so I installed a G07 I picked up last fall. Looks BEAUTIFUL!!!

(AS OF: 02-04-2012)
  • Cleaned entire cabinet & control panel
  • Installed spare monitor
  • Replaced ruined marquee
  • Taped back together ruined bezel
  • Installed switching power supply
  • Replaced ruined bezel
  • Installed better monitor
  • Fix sound interface issue
  • Installed G07 due to sync issues

  • Enjoy!!!

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