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Satan's Hollow

Picked this up from John Dondzila, of Vectrex programming fame, down in NJ in the Fall of 2010.

Satan's Hollow - front

Overall the game was in decent shape for the price he was asking, it just needed some TLC. The control panel originally came with a blue Tron joystick and the control panel overlay isn't perfect by any means, but it's nice enough you don't zoom right in on it being crap.

First thing I did was order a new red joystick and replace that. Next up was cleaning the control panel art and it came out pretty decent. Again, not perfect but I like playing our games, not looking at how perfect they are.

Satan's Hollow - Control Panel

The game was mostly-working when picked up. The main PCB was fine, but the monitor was some sort of Frankensteined Commodore monitor and the power supply was a hacking mess. The cabinet on the other hand was in very nice condition from the start.

Satan's Hollow - Front

I replaced the monitor and cleaned up the power supply hack. I have a switching power supply kit here waiting to be installed and I'll hopefully get to that soon. Whatta a fun little devil this game is!

There are more pictures HERE.
UPDATE: 01-11-2011
Created this page.
(AS OF: 01-11-2011)
  • Cleaned control panel
  • Replaced blue joystick with correct red joystick
  • Replaced monitor

  • Install switching power supply
  • Find and replace control panel overlay!

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