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Picked this up on "Vidiot for a Day" from Mike(masco73 over at KLOV) for $100 in non-working, slightly beat-up, but complete condition.

Stargate - right side

Mike brought it down with some other stuff to sell that day and I have to admit when I first saw it I wasn't thinking too highly of it. The biggest problem was the front leg leveler plates were broken off so the game had a rocking chair type sway about it. Then there's the Willis control panel overlay... man that thing is U*G*L*Y!

Stargate - Willis CPO

After things settled down in the evening, a few KLOV members started to troubleshoot the game because... well... some guys just love the thrill of getting a game working again! Wish I took a picture of people with their heads in the game, but of course you don't think of that type of thing until later. Thanks go to RetroHacker and Cmd_Brain for really, and I do mean REALLY getting into the repair!

Stargate - mostly working

The game was mostly working by the time everybody cleared out. Only thing left to do for me the next day was replace one more RAM(we replaced ~10 the night before), replace a buffer on the I/O card so the ship would stop going down all the time, replace a buffer and CPU on the sound PCB, and fix a bunch of cold solder joints on a Wells-Gardner 4600 daughtercard. WOW... I guess there was ALOT wrong with this game!

Stargate - screen shot

Next up is to replace the horrible CPO with a repro from Steven was out of the glossy finish CPOs but he still had a couple of the original textured repros left. It should be here early next week so I'm hoping to have it done by the next weekend.
UPDATE: 08-27-2010
Created this page.
UPDATE: 01-19-2011
Replaced the broken AA battery holder with a button battery last weekend. We can finally just turn the game on and play instead of the dance we had to do.
UPDATE: 03-20-2011
Installed the control panel overlay today. I didn't take a ton of time to be anal about preparing the wooden surface. I think the older I get the more I realize that I'm a player of these games... not an anal art collector who needs everything perfect. Don't get me wrong, it turned out well it's just not perfect.

Stargate - screen shot

UPDATE: 02-06-2012
Replaced the existing WG4600 with a different WG4600 since the original had "issues". Seems one of the previous owners decided to mess with the convergence rings and try as I might... I just could not get all the colors lined up perfectly.

My daughter Sophie helped me get the new monitor in and adjusted. It's odd... this monitor looked like butt in our Crazy Climber but in Stargate it looks great! You just can never tell how things will work out sometimes.

Oh, and I finally looked into why the coin return lights wouldn't work and I found out that 4 out of 5 fuses were the wrong value and one was blown. Nice... I've only had the game for two years...
(AS OF: 02-06-2012)
  • Cleaned everything
  • Repaired bottom of cabinet & added back leg levelers
  • Replaced ~10 defective RAMs
  • Replaced capacitor, 4050 buffer & 6502 CPU on sound board
  • Replaced 4049 buffer on I/O board
  • Replaced a capacitor and fixed cold solder joints on WG4600
  • Replaced defective AA battery holder with a button battery
  • Replace CPO
  • Replaced original WG4600 with another WG4600
  • Installed correct fuses(which fixed coin door lights)

  • Fix "ratty" bottom of cabinet

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