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Star Trek

First the story behind this game... Back in 1983 on Thanksgiving morning a girl opened up a box of cereal and inside was a winning ticket for a Sega Star Trek arcade game... that is it... end of story.

Star Trek

Luckily the game stayed with the family through the years being moved from state to state as the family moved, finally ending up at the parent's summer home up in Essex, NY.

Star Trek

The parents were grateful to have the game go to a good home and the mother lit up when she told the story of that Thanksgiving morning. I almost slapped myself when I heard "Are you sure you want to sell it? It's just such a great story I don't think I'd ever be able to let the game go?" come out of my mouth. She and her husband laughed and said they were sure. Funny thing is she even took a picture of me next to the game getting ready to load it on the truck and then instantly sent it off to "the kids". Very nice peoples.

Star Trek

Now, if you look at the pictures the first thing you'll notice is the monitor is not in the game. I ended up removing it once we got the game to my truck because the father saw it was loose inside the game. "Uh-oh" instantly came to mind. Looking inside the bezel you could see the plywood was all splintered.

Star Trek

I got asking about what could have possibly happened to cause this and they said the game stopped working after the last move. I told them the only way to break plywood like that was dropping the game. So then we got looking around the game and there is a crack on the left side of the game also. Definitely dropped.

Honestly, it would have been nice to have an absolutely perfect HUO game but this thing is nicer than any game I've ever owned... even with the crack on the left side. The artwork has a couple scratches but damn it's got such brilliant colors... it's beautiful. You can tell it wasn't ever in the sun. The control panel is perfect and the spinner feels brand new. Two of the three locks still have the "Quality Assurance" stickers on them and according to the previous owners keys never even came with the game. They did take the game to get repaired once so I'm assuming the repair guy tried keys until he got lucky(bastard broke through the stickers!).

UPDATE: 07-01-2010
Created this page.
UPDATE: 01-05-2011
Forgot to update this page back on 07-19-2010 when we got the game put together and powered up...
Star Trek Pride!
Man this is a fun game! I ended up making a new monitor mounting plate out of 3/4" birch plywood and it matches the old plate about as close as you can get. I even put the same numbers on it that were on the original in marker.

There are some more pictures of my son playing the game when we first powered this up HERE.
(AS OF: 01-05-2011)
  • Built new plywood mounting plate
  • Re-installed monitor in above plate
  • Put monitor back in game where it belongs
  • Cleaned cabinet and Plexiglas

  • Not sure yet...

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