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Midway Super Pac-Man

This was posted as non-working on Craigslist along with a non-working Donkey Kong for $400 each. So me being the cheap person I am, I wrote the seller and told them if they ever wanted to let them go for $200, let me know.

Much to my surprise, they emailed me their phone number and said that the $200 would be fine. For this trip, the whole family came along since the place was only 20 minutes away.

Midway Super Pac-Man - top

The game was in pretty decent shape except for the right side. This side was left weather side out in the garage for a decade so the paint had faded away to almost nothing. Eventually I can see myself trying to do something with this side, but for now it'll do just fine since the game is inbetween Tempest and Stargate.

Midway Super Pac-Man - bottom

The monitor bezel also suffered from the sun in that the red color is faded on the left side. Again though, we like our games to play so a little character on a game is no problem for us.

BTW, the only thing not working on the game was the original power supply. It took about 20 minutes to make a switching power supply adapter and then we were off playing!

Midway Super Pac-Man - screen shot

I think Ms. Pac-Man likes what she sees...

Midway Super Pac-Man - Ms. Pac-Man making a pass!

UPDATE: 01-12-2011
Created this page.
UPDATE: 02-16-2011
Installed the high score save modification found on JROK's website. It took all of 10 minutes including burning new EPROMs.
(AS OF: 02-16-2011)
  • Cleaned entire cabinet & control panel
  • Put together power supply adapter
  • Installed switching power supply w/ above adapter
  • Installed high score save mod

  • Refurbish coin door
  • Replace crappy bezel, maybe
  • Replace control panel overlay
  • Re-paint left side of cabinet

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