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This is the second Tempest we have picked up from Tim up in Fayetteville, NY and it's a keeper. Thanks Tim!!!

Tempest - side art

The cabinet is in pretty poor condition with loads of scratches on the side art and even some water damage. The control panel is ok condition and the spinner has that famous "BBBbbbbrrrrrrrr" sound Tempest is famous for.

Tempest - control panel

Yep, the cabinet has seen better days but over the up coming summer we plan to totally refurbish it by stripping it down, filling, repainting, and applying new side art.

Tempest - front

The included PCB had problems and after a good month of troubleshooting(which end up turning into some sort of mad-hacking hysteria)... I GAVE UP!!! I ended up getting a replacement PCB off of eBay and sent the PIA PCB to someone on KLOV to work on at their leisure... boy I wish I had that ambition!
UPDATE: 01-22-2010
Added this page.
UPDATE: 02-26-2010
Heard from KLOV member xray regarding the PCB. He's received the board and is preparing to work on it. I can tell he was a little shocked at how much I replaced on the board and asked if that was part of the "troubleshooting" process... I was honest with him and told him that I gave up on "troubleshooting" and was just going for the "let's replace EVERY darn component on that SOB" mentality!!!

UPDATE: 03-06-2010
This game is now for sale for $500. There are more picture HERE.
(AS OF: 03-06-2010)
  • Cleaned and vacuumed cabinet
  • Replace "Big Blue" filtering capacitor
  • Replaced t-molding on right side of cabinet
  • Cleaned and lubed spinner... no more BBBbbbrrrrrr

  • Installed cap-kit on monitor
  • Rebuild A/R II power board
  • Refurbish cabinet

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