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Track & Field

Replied to a Craigslist ad for this game and come to find out it was only about 40 minutes away.

I played it before picking it up and haven't had time yet to even plug it in. I noticed the power switches have been bypassed and the ground lug on the cord has been cut. I got in the habbit a while ago of not powering on games like this before I fix those.

Track & Field - control panel

The game is in ok shape. It needs some cosmetic things like a new control panel overlay and to be thoroughly cleaned but it seems like it is in pretty solid shape.

Track & Field - sideart

I'm hoping to be able to work on this game over the weekend. I'll be sure to update the page once I do.

Track & Field - coin door

UPDATE: 06-23-2009
A couple weeks ago I started cleaning our Track and Field up a bit. I stripped down the coin door, metal marquee holders, metal bezel holders, and control panel to bare metal and painted them with some black semi-gloss Krylon. Then I installed a very nice reproduction control panel overlay from

Track & Field - new control panel overlay

Next I worked on the control panel wiring. It was half soldered, half spliced, and totally messed up. I cleaned off all the solder from the leaf switches and used spade connectors for all the connections.

Track & Field - new coin door

Then it was onto replacing the power cord since this one was a nightmare. I also had to wire back in the fuse, line filter and power switch.

I have some NOS white buttons to replace the yellowed buttons and I want to get the blue paint matched and grab a quart or so to re-paint the front of the cabinet since it has a few scratches.

Other than that, it was a great grab. We are still having loads of fun and so far my high score is just under 86,000 points. I have to get back into the groove on the long jump and javelin some how though since those are the two that I'm lacking in.
UPDATE: 05-28-2009
Created this page.

UPDATE: 01-13-2011
Haven't done any painting yet, but I did come across a few interesting T&F items...

Track & Field - trophies

These were the trophies given away at contests held back in the '80s. The smaller ones were given away to the person with the high score of the week while the larger one was given to the person who had the high score of the month.

Track & Field - trophies

I also dug out my old Atari 2600 Track & Field controller...

Track & Field - trophies

BTW, my high score is up to 87,320. I know I can break 90,000... I just have to get better at the javalin and hammer throws!
(AS OF: 06-23-2009)
  • Cleaned
  • Replaced power cord
  • Wired back in top on/off switch
  • Wired back in fuse and line filter
  • Stripped and repainted all metal trim
  • Stripped and repainted coin door
  • Found and installed "Centuri" plate on coin door
  • Re-wired control panel
  • Stripped, painted, and installed reproduction control panel overlay
  • Added "corner protectors" (until I get a chance to fix the corners)
  • Added cabinet legs back

  • Repair lower cabinet corners
  • Re-paint all blue surfaces
  • Install cap-kit on monitor

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