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(Be sure to read all the updates on why there are two different cabinets pictured on this page...)

Picked up a Tron cabaret back in early 2010 that was creatively installed in a Midway Pac-Man cabaret cabinet.


The first time I saw pictures of this little cabinet I thought it looked pretty cool... in an odd kind of way.


I'm usually always the type of person that likes original cabinets but this thing caught my eye and the price was right at $350.

Tron Screenshot

The game was supposed to be 100% working when I got it but the switching power supply that was in it crapped out the first time I turned the game on. After replacing that, I noticed the spinner didn't control the player the way it should have... the movement was very jerky. Come to find out one of the spinner address lines wasn't connected to anything on the main PCB. Once that was fixed everything ran smooth.

Tron Blacklight

As you can see, I added a black cold cathode tube to the game to make it seem more like it's big brother. I also added a white cold cathode behind the marquee to really make it "pop".

Tron Cold Cathodes

UPDATE: 07-01-2010
Created this page.
UPDATE: 07-31-2010
Installed the brand new reproduction joystick handle and man-oh-man does it glow under the blacklight now.
UPDATE: 03-03-2013
Worked on the monitor last weekend due to the blues being fuzzy and the reds being dull. I broke out the Heathkit IT-5230 Rejuvenator and first cleaned the guns, then decided to go all out and rejuvenate them. The red gun is still a little weak but overall everything looks 100% better than it was.

I'd still like to replace either the tube or put in a better monitor but for now this looks pretty good. I thought I had a lead on a monitor for $100 delivered but shipping turned into being a bit too difficult... so the hunt continues.

I also fixed the volume pot., credit button, and service switch since that whole "custom" panel was a mess.
UPDATE: 06-07-2013
Got lucky and picked up a proper Tron cabaret cabinet a couple weekends ago and then spent a week moving everything over and making things fit.


As you can see... MUUUUUUUUCH better now!


The conversion over involved ordering a new, slightly smaller, marquee from Trimming down the bezel. And then trimming down the cabinet by 2-1/4" in order to get the control panel to fit. I was torn on this last one... but I figured the odds of finding a real Tron cabaret control panel were slim to none so I went through with it.


Another big thing to me was using the existing harness that was in the new Tron cabinet. The Midway cabinet was a nightmare as far as wiring. While I give the guy credit who made the game... it really was horrible. The A/C, transformer, fuse, interlock, etc. harnesses were saved in this new cabinet.

Now I will not be completely embarrassed if someone happens to see the inside of this game.


Overall I'm thrilled with this little guy now! All I have left to do is to move the cold cathode tubes over and then I'm calling this one done... again!
UPDATE: 06-10-2013

Added the cold cathode tubes yesterday and moved the game down to the arcade... she's done!!!
(AS OF: 06-07-2013)
  • Replaced defective switching power supply
  • Re-connected spinner address line
  • Added cold cathode lighting
  • Installed new reproduction joystick handle
  • Rejuvenated the monitor tube
  • Fixed the volume pot
  • Fixed the credit & serice buttons
  • Replaced Pac-Man cabinet with proper Tron cabinet
  • Repaired/replaced most of the wiring harnesses

  • Add custom sideart

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