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Sega X-Files Pinball

Picked this beauty up down in PA back in April of 2011.

X-Files Cabinet

Overall the game is in good shape. The cabinet artwork has a bit of wear as it seems like whatever they used at Sega to print the artwork on damages easily.

X-Files Playfield

The playfield is in good shape with typical wear around the magnet area, but other than that everything cleaned up well. I ended up taking all the ramps off to clean them with Novus 2 and boy did they come out great!

X-Files Clean Ramps

The Alien Baby also cleaned up well...

X-Files Alien Baby

as did Mr. Fluke Man!

X-Files Fluke Man

The translite of this game can not be beat if you were an X-Files fanatic back in the day. Our 10 year old son even picked out a few of the episodes that are pictured!

X-Files Translite

Various colored LEDs were installed throughout because of the color used in the game. Some games really pop with them and we think this is one of them.

X-Files LEDs

Just in case you couldn't tell... we love the X-Files!!!

UPDATE: 06-02-2011
Created this page.
UPDATE: 03-03-2013
Had some strange things happening with the filing cabinet lately and traced the problem back to some really crappy cold solder joints on the IR emitter/receiver boards.

While I had things apart I decided to clean the ramps with some Novus 2 and put some shiny balls into service.
UPDATE: 03-10-2013
Finally "fixed" something that has always bugged me with this game... the lack of a right-side speaker!

Sega decided to save money and eliminate this speaker somewhere in thier history but luckily they just left the amplifier section blank on the PCB.

I'm planning to add some pictures of the completed modification this week, but for now click HERE for the guide I used.
UPDATE: 03-11-2013
Here is a picture of the new right-side speaker...
X-Files Rightside Speaker

And here is a picture of the added components for the amplifier...
X-Files Amplifier

(AS OF: 03-10-2013)
  • Cleaned playfield with Novus products
  • Cleaned ramps with Novus 2
  • Replaced burned out bulbs
  • Adjusted non-working switches
  • Replaced a couple broken switches
  • Added LEDs to all GI and most inserts
  • Added new balls
  • Added a start button that lights up
  • Touched up some cabinet artwork
  • Added black protectors to flipper button area
  • Fixed cold solder joints on filing cabinet sensors
  • Added shiny new balls
  • Added right-side speaker & amplifier components

  • Install new rubbers
  • Replace damaged filing cabinet
  • Find new cabinet art for around coin door

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