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Battlezone Cabaret

While on vacation last week in Elysburg, PA at the awesome amusement park Knoebels, I browsed eBay a few times during the couple rain spells we had and saw a non-working Battlezone cabaret. I ended up writing the seller for more pictures and in the end we agreed on a $225 non-eBay BIN.

Battlezone Cabaret - side

The cabinet is in very nice condition with generic wood grain sides that Atari loved to use. The control panel paint is in great shape and the joysticks look good, but you can tell this game got played back in the day

Battlezone Cabaret - control panel

The original monitor bezel was included and is pretty darn neat...

Battlezone Cabaret - bezel

Even the inside of the cabinet is in great shape...

Battlezone Cabaret - inside

Like I said, it is non-working but at least there are some positive signs of live... the voltages coming out of the A/R II are spot on. There is some chatter coming out of the monitor but the spot killer is on. Both +5v LEDs are on the PCBs. And I even get some sounds once in a while.

Battlezone Cabaret - serial number

UPDATE: 08-22-2009
Added this page.
UPDATE: 08-28-2009
Started troubleshooting... more to come.
UPDATE: 01-22-2010
Worked on this game off and on for the last few months and got it up and running a while ago but never updated the website. Fun, fun, FUN game!!!

Battlezone Cabaret

And here it is with the marquee in the picture...

Battlezone Cabaret

UPDATE: 02-20-2010
The game started acting up last week and it turns out I damaged a trace under the C11 socket when I removed the original TL084N that was there. Needed to replace the socket again and then add a jumper to bypass the damaged area.
UPDATE: 03-06-2010
This game is now for sale for $450. (UPDATE: IT HAS BEEN SOLD!!!)

So to get it ready, I replaced the ripped joystick bellow on the right stick and I'm going to be adding coin return frames to the coin door.
(AS OF: 03-06-2010)
  • Cleaned and vacuumed cabinet
  • Bolted down monitor
  • Cleaned EPROM and CPU legs
  • Replaced TL082CP at A10 & D10
  • Replaced TL084CN at C11
  • Replaced DG201CJ at D11, E10 & B10
  • Replaced two or three defective ROMs
  • Reflowed pin connectors on both PCBs
  • Added colored gels to monitor
  • Fixed loose left joystick
  • Repaired broken trace under C11
  • Replaced bellow on right joystick

  • Fixup coin door

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